A downloadable game for Windows

This game is Platformer arcade game.

Background story: Long time ago, there is a caveman who was very greedy. He wanted more gold, meat and dinosaur hide. He hunted cute dinosaurs for his greed. His girlfriend also greedy, and she wanted the caveman’s stuff. So, player, caveman, should run from the caveman’s girlfriend.

Install instructions

No installation needed.

Extract .zip file and play .exe file. 


JurassicManiac_Easy.zip 47 MB
JurassicManiac_Normal.zip 47 MB


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Played the normal difficulty. It's a funny game, and I like the difficulty of the game actually :D

Thank you :)

This Game Was fun man, i definitely died more than i'd like to admit, but this game was awesome

Thank you so much playing! I got several feedback that about difficulty of this game from other testers. (I think it's because people are not used to control scheme yet) So I made Easy mode. You should check it out :)